1ère STMG 1 - American History of Guns

Hi guys !

We are the students of the 1ere STMG1. In English class, we have studied gun control in the USA. During this sequence, we have learnt that in the American Constitution there was the Second Amendment which gives American people the right to bear a gun. This Amendment has been created in 1791 which explains why the right to bear a gun is so important for Americans.

Nowadays, there is debate between Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Republicans such as Donald Trump. Some want more gun control because there are lots of crimes in the United States everyday because of guns.

Furthermore, we have also watched some excerpts from Michael Moore’s documentary entitled “Bowling for Columbine†in which we learn how easy it is to have access to firearms.

By the middle of the sequence, we have been asked to create a video in which we had to explain the story of guns to kids. Here are the best videos made by Dylan (first video) and Antoinette, Kimberly, Gloria and Kajy (Second video).

Enjoy and give us your opinion !