1ère S1 / L - American History of Guns

Hello, it’s us !

We are the students of Scientific and Literary premieres. In English class, we have studied the history of guns in the USA. Indeed, this subject makes the news everyday.

The main questions we’ve tried to answer in this sequence have been : "To what extent are guns difficult to control in the US ? What are the different political points of view on this issue ?"

Firstly, we have learnt in some documents that there is the 2nd Amendment in the American Constitution which claims that bearing a gun is a right. Indeed, this right is taken quite seriously if we consider some facts : in America French cheese is illegal whereas assault weapons are not ; kids are not allowed to play dodgeball (balle au prisonnier) whereas firearms are allowed... And there are other examples which have suprized us, as French students.

Then, we have watched several excerpts from Michael Moore’s documentary entitled "Bowling for Columbine". In these excerpts, we see how easy it is in America to get a gun and how gun is a culture in America. But there are some people who are against guns because they think it is dangerous and it leads to violence so they want to regulate gun laws. There are some other people who support the 2nd Amendment because they think it is a constitutional right.

Before learning why it is so difficult for Obama to regulate gun laws, our English teacher have asked us to make a short video on the history of guns in the USA. We were free to do as we wanted but it was supposed to be for kids so it needed to be easy to understand and funny.

Our teacher has selected the three best videos :

- Sijodel, Laura, David and Nacera

- Marie B, Marie R, Noélie, Lucile and Marie R’s sister

- Lisa and Lala-Aïcha

Let us know what you think about our videos

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